Living Oasis - Our Vision
Our vision is to create a welcoming Christian presence at the heart of Liverpool's retail and business sector. We want it to be a place that the church can be proud of, and a place where people of all backgrounds can feel relaxed and valued, and perhaps be encouraged to explore issues of faith more fully. The key elements will be:
  • A contemporary Coffee shop offering a range of quality food and drinks
  • An attractive bookshop offering a range of Christian and wholesome lifestyle titles
  • Meeting rooms and space for hire which can be an interface between the business and Christian communities
  • Office space and facilities which can provide a permanent base for sympathetic organisations and initiatives
"This resonates with a long-standing vision that a number of Christians
on Merseyside have held for some time. There is a real sense that we
are being drawn together at a significant moment in the life of our city"
- Phil Jump - chair of steering group.