Investing in Living Oasis
Our vision has always been to run Living Oasis as a viable business enterprise albeit with a clear mission agenda. Our current business plan projects that the shop will generate a good profit from year 2, and that refurbishment and startup costs will be paid back by year 6 of a ten year lease. This is based on the bookshop trading figures of the former Roe Street store, increased to take account of a more prominent location and larger retail facility, coupled with achieving coffee house sales and margins which are slightly lower than equivalent coffee house outlets.

This is an untried venture, so there is obviously a measure of uncertainty, but Living Oasis has a number of unique selling points, which we believe will be an added attraction. We are also exploring models of social enterprise and the development of a training and apprenticeship facility for young people seeking a career in the hospitality and catering industry

We welcome enquiries from potential business investors who share our vision. Please contact us if you are interested in pursuing this further.